Montgomery Trails


Help create Montgomery Trails, a small planned community close to the historic country town of Montgomery, Texas. Known for being the birthplace of the Lone Star Flag, the serene setting provides the perfect location for rural living with easy access to Lake Conroe and the Woodlands.

The beautiful town of Montgomery has been meticulously looked after for many generations. The intended residential development will be respectful of the town's rich history and the rural setting, in both design and build.

Working collaboratively with great architects, engineers, and builders, Cobuild provides data-driven guidance and recommendations to help the project achieve its purpose - enable you to live, work, and play, in a home and community you love.

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Proposed homes

Style:                Modern Ranch
Type:                Single Family
Size:                  1,500 - 3,000
Lot:                   .25 to 2 acres
Cost:                 $175 - $225/sqft*


Community features

Completion: Late 2019
Location:       Rural
Homes:           20 - 40
Utilities:          Solar + Groundwater Well

*NOTE: proposed home designs, community features, and home budgets are subject to change based on community input during the formation of the community. Decisions will be finalized before a home deposit is required.



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Community Milestones: (1) With 1 - 5 backers a Site Search commences. (2) With 6 to 10 backers a design competition is held. (3) With 11 - 15 backers, a preliminary project budget is completed. (4) With 16 to 20 backers, the project moves into the planning stage.




Overall school ratings in Montgomery ISD are very good, particularly for families with younger children. 

- Lone Star Elementary
Madeley Ranch Elementary
Montgomery Elementary
- Keenan Elementary
- Stewart Creek Elementary
Montgomery Intermediate
Montgomery Middle
Montgomery Junior High
- Oak Hills Junior High
Montgomery High


Grocery Stores: Kroger Marketplace, Brookshire Brothers, and Walmart.

Restaurants: According to Yelp, Montgomery offers 40 restaurants in a 5 mile radius with twenty-five rated 4 stars or above.


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