Origination // Find your neighborhood.

_ Search for your ideal setting.

Browse the Cobuild neighborhoods to find a location and community you love.

_ Show your support as a member.

Once you’ve found the ideal neighborhood, make it a reality by backing the project as a member. Invite your friends and family to join you in realizing this community. Learn more

_ Early concept, preliminary budget, and a site search

As the project gains members, additional work is commissioned - early concept design, preliminary budget, and a site search.

*If you have a location and group to build with, request your own community


Planning // Everything you care about.

Often referred to as programming or sometimes the feasibility, we work with you and other community members to establish how to best bring your vision to life.

_ Project definition

After carefully reviewing your requirements - things important to you - planning commences by confirming your vision and goals for your home.

_ Scope of services

With a good understanding of your home and community needs, we’ll provide a proposal detailing Cobuild’s construction management services, including the design team for the project while working within your budget.

_ Site acquisition

Before the site is secured, a due diligence is conducted during a 60-90 day period (known as the free-look) to verify the sites suitability for the intended development.

_Preliminary budget

During planning, a realistic estimate is produced taking into account construction methods and materials. At this stage, residents are encouraged to complete loan applications with the lender of their choice.

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Design // An architect shapes your vision.

Once your requirements and services are agreed upon, the design phase begins. Architects and engineers interpret your vision and your home begins taking shape in the form of drawings and specifications. 

_ Schematic Design

At the first design presentation, you’ll see a glimpse of your future home as it is skillfully tailored to you and your household.

_ Design Development

Once you’ve approved the schematic designs, further drawings will be produced providing an additional level of detail comprising room dimensions, primary materials, and additional specifications.

_ Construction Documents

Keeping within your budget, architects and engineers work closely with offsite manufacturers and contractors to produce the necessary construction information and workshop drawings that meets your performance specifications - quality standards - using each parties’ respective expertise.

At the same time, we shortlist the most qualified firms to build your home based on their core competencies and obtain local permits.

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Construction // Mobilizing your dream.

After all the careful planning and design, now your dream home becomes a reality under expert supervision.

_ Hiring contractors and subcontractors

Hiring the right contractor is one of the most challenging parts of a home build. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Leveraging a rigorous vetting process, we assess shortlisted contractors based on their core competencies, track record and your known requirements. We make sure contractors have the necessary permits and licenses, giving you greater peace of mind, knowing you’re protected.

_ Ground breaking and observation

When construction starts, you’ll be equipped with a state-of-the-art dashboard to keep you firmly in control of your home build. All change orders, progress reports, and communication will be safely organized and stored in a single easy-to-use location.

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Handover & Close Out //
Move in!

The long awaited day has arrived - you can move in! When construction finishes, a thorough close out is conducted to make sure everything is as promised. 

_ Comprehensive warranty

If it’s got our name on it, you can be assured that you’ll be looked after. When the warranty ends, feel free to still reach out - we’ll help however we can.

_ HOAs

You can opt to be a part of forming the HOA to make sure it fairly reflects your requirements and preserves your community in line with the aspirations of the founding members. We’ll make a recommendation and ask you to comment.

_ Shared services and maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of being part of a Cobuild community is you reap the benefits long after the builders have left. Use our web-based services to organize scheduled maintenance obtaining discounts for bulk purchasing as a community.

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