About Cobuild

How is Cobuild different?

Cobuild was conceived to give families and individuals a greater say in the design of their homes. We believe communities become the vehicle to make individuals home builds possible for everyone. Individuals enjoy the group buying power for savings and a bigger voice in their home design. Access for all. 



What is Cobuild?

Cobuild is a community of architects, engineers, and contractors, working collaboratively to build homes and communities that residents love. 

Homes & Communities

Where can I build?

We are currently forming our first few communities in Texas. We are actively expanding into new areas based on user preference, so let us know where you would like to see us next!


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How long will it take to build my home?

Every home build is different, but on average it takes 12 to 18 months once a community has formed and the site has been prepped. Construction can be highly susceptible to design complexities, weather, permitting, approvals, labor availability, among other factors. Though it’s not possible to control all factors affecting the build, Cobuild’s process, guidance, and grouping power should allow you to target typical construction timelines.



Can I invite a friend or family member to be a part of my community?

Yes! If you see a community you love, share it with your favorite people. The faster a community attracts interest, the quicker your project can begin.

If you already have a group that wants to build or has an idea, contact us and we'll provide the way for you to get started through our website.


What is the maximum or minimum community size?

Because each Cobuild community is unique, there isn't a single size required to get a project started. It's largely dependent on the site.


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What about financing?

The best thing to do is speak with your bank about a two-step construction loan that covers both the cost of your house and the land. Ask them how much you pre-qualify for, which will give you a picture of what you’re able to afford. Your bank can also walk you through the loan process. Be sure to check out our resident resources for articles and advice on this topic and others.


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Subscriptions & Memberships

How do the Explorer and Founder subscription levels compare?

Learn more.

Membership Levels


Can I subscribe to multiple communities?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of community subscriptions you can purchase. Because each community is unique, subscriptions are purchased for each individual community which interests you.



Can I upgrade later?

Explorer memberships can be upgraded to Founder level subscriptions with the balance of your membership applied towards the Founder level plan.



What happens to my membership when the community is ready to begin construction?

Once the planning and design phases are completed, construction contracts are issued to begin building your home and construction deposits are required to move forward.



How long do memberships last?

Memberships are designed to gauge interest in forming Cobuild communities. Both the Explorer and Founder level memberships convert once a project enters the construction phase. If a project does not move forward, your liability is limited to the cost of one annual subscription. 



What if I chose not to move forward with a home build? 

Your membership gives you access to a community and helps secure your spot once the community is ready to be built. If you chose not to build, no deposit will be required and your spot is released to another interested individual.



Do I have to be a Founder to build in a community?

No, but Founders will receive priority over Explorers. If a community is oversubscribed with enough Founder interest, Founders will get first right of refusal to begin their home build. We cannot guarantee community spots for Explorers. 

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